Transformation through education

All in the mind

We are a international leading team of scienstists, practitioners, trainers and coaches.

Under the name AISIA we developed a training program intended to prepare young Nigerians for being able to earn a steady income and build a future.

Aisia Team

Our philosophy is centered around the understanding that human abililities and how they manifest are shaped by the environments people live in – social, cultural, climatic and ecological. Cultural varieties often also reflect unique assets that can be build on to make changes for the better. From this fundamental understanding we develop methods for educational, training and counselling purposes in non-western contexts.

We started with a program in Nigeria. Nigeria’s population has exploded during the past twenty years. Its economy is also modernizing with amazing speed, offering an abundance of opportunities. In the next decades Lagos is expected to become one of the largest cities in the world and a dominating force in Africa.

However, deprived from a proper education and a fair chance in life, many young Nigerians today are left behind. Our training program wants to do something about that. We intend to train young women to be self-sufficient and build a future for themselves and their family.

Our aim is to elevate people above their present state of poverty or other depreviations. When succesfull it can transform lives. Hence our motto: Transformation through education.

We want to raise awareness for our initiative. If you are a company or organization willing to be an ambassador or fund giver, please get in touch with us by writting us at More details to this program you can find on our website hier.