Women empowerment workshop

This women empowerment workshop has been designed for women willing to become leaders in a male dominated environment.

Your benefits after completing this women empowerment workshop:

  • You will develop a greater understanding of what unconscious gender bias is, how women (and men) can be negatively impacted, and what we can do to build successful careers despite it.
  • You will learn the differences in the female and male communication styles and behaviors. You will discover new ways to deal successfully with conflictual gender situations.
  • You will feel more confident in your role as a female leader.

Your network:

  • We work in a group of trustful female participants where everyone has the chance to share their experiences.
  • You have the chance to address any issues you see in your path forward and get valuable insights from a closed trustful group of women in similar career paths.
  • You will be able to develop your own individual strategy in order to be more confident and motivated for your next career opportunities.

What’s in for you?

Have you taken on a professional or leadership role or are you close to it? Do you want to evolve in order to achieve optimal goals and increase your success?

As a female leader in a male dominated environment, you have to overcome specific challenges. At the heart of this seminar is the woman, the challenges she is facing as a leader and her paths to success.

This interactive workshop focuses on best practices for women looking to drive their career, with special emphasis on the challenges typically faced in male-dominated environments. This seminar is designed to help women gain confidence, practice self-care, and support each other’s personal or professional success.

The 1,5-day online seminar is a balanced mix of trainer inputs from scientific studies, individual and group work, self-experience and reflection exercises, feedback and trainer tips from many years of leadership experience.

Part 1: The roots of gender inequality

  • Why are men more successful in their career than women?
  • Do women lead differently than men?
  • Identifying inner barriers and defining personal resources for success.

Part 2: Neuroscience: How do stereotypes and prejudice influence our decisions and lifes?

  • Getting aware of how much the unconscious biases influence the personal and professional life of women.
  • Understanding the dilemma of women in male environments as a complex challenge.

Part 3: Gender communication: The arts of having good conversations

  • Understanding the horizontal and vertical language systems.
  • What happens under conflict?
  • Getting familiar with the gender communication and behavioral styles.
  • Recognizing, analyzing and handling successfully power games at the workplace.

Part 4: My individual strategy

  • Each participant will define her own strategy including individual steps she can take in order to be more successful and stay motivated in her career.

Target group: Women in managerial / leadership positions, project / program managers, women who want to take leadership responsibility in the future.